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Dell PowerEdge XE2420 Server price in hyderabad, andhra, tirupati, nellore, vizag, india, chennai

Dell PowerEdge XE2420 Server

  • Brand : Dell
  • Model : PowerEdge XE2420 Server
  • Processor : Two 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (max 150W Gold)
  • Storage : Up to 2x 2.5” SATA/NVMe (no PERC/HBA) with Config 1A, Max 15.36TB or, Up to 4x 2.5” universal SAS/SATA/NVME with PERC/HBA with Config 2C, Max 61.44 TB or UP to 6x EDSFF E1.L SSD with Config 3A, Max 92.16TB
  • Chipset : Intel C620 Series chipset
  • Memory : 16x DDR4 RDIMM/LR-DIMM (12 DIMMs are balanced) up to 2993 MT/s
  • Boot OS Drive : HW RAID BOSS w/ 2x M.2 drives, 240GB and 480GB
  • Embedded / At-Server : iDRAC9; iDRAC Direct; iDRAC REST API with Redfish
  • GPU/Flash PCI Cards : Up to 2x PCIe x16, Up to 300W passive FHFL cards (e.g. NVIDIA V100/s or NVIDIA RTX6000), or UP to 4x PCIe x8; 75W passive (e.g. NVIDIA T4), or Up to 2x FE1 storage expansion cards (up to 20x M.2 drives on each)
  • Ports : 2 x 1GE LOM + OCP 2.0 Mezz (2 x 1GE or 2x 10GE SFP+ or 2 x 10GE BaseT), Video, 2 x USB 3.0, iDRAC Direct USB, serial, dedicated iDRAC network port
  • Other IO Expansion : 1xOCP2 Type 1 x8 mezzanine card slot, 1x LP PCIe x8, Up to 2x PCIe x16 FHFL* or up to 4xPCIe x8 FHFL
  • Security : TPM 1.2/2.0, TCM 2.0 (optional), Cryptographically signed firmware, Silicon Root of Trust, Secure Boot, System Erase
  • Dimensions : 483.95mm x 444mm x 86.92mm (DxWxH)
  • Mounting : Static rails
  • Operating Temp : 5C to 40C
  • Chassis : Cold aisle service. All cables and connectors are accessible from the cold aisle, Optional bezel with filtration and cable management
  • Power : N or N+1 2000W AC reverse flow power supply, N or N+1 1100W DC reverse flow power supply